Friday, December 3, 2010

DAY TWO: 25 Days of New Designs

DAY TWO: I spent the second day of 25 Days of New Designs drawing dog breed silhouettes. Though we have more than 90 silhouettes on Best Friends Studios that can be used to customize our stationery items, I still continue to receive requests for breeds not on our list. Since I've noticed quite a backlog in the canine request department, I felt it was a good task to get off my plate. After all, a big part of this challenge is my battle with procrastination!

Our newest dog breed silhouettes include the Australian Cattle Dog, Dutch Shepherd, Flat-Coated Retriever, Fox Terrier (Smooth), Lhasa Apso, two Goldendoodles, a second American Pit Bull (uncropped ears), Collie (Smooth), English Springer Spaniel and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. You can also check out the entire pack of Dog Silhouettes, but if you don't see your dog on the list, let me know at I'll do my best to get it completed right away! Ellen

DEAL OF THE DAY: Today's deal actually runs for the entire month. We're offering 10% off any Best Friends Studios product now through December 31, 2010. Enter DECEMBER2010 at checkout.

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