Thursday, December 2, 2010

DAY ONE: 25 Days of New Designs

To kick off Day One of Best Friends Studios' 25 Days of New Designs adventure, I put the finishing touches on a product we've been test driving at our house for months...a customized dog silhouette dry erase board. Not only are these boards bright, fun and full of canine panache, they work like a charm to help our family keep on top of the dreaded grocery list. Whenever we're out of something, we jot it down on the board or, if it's one of our common staples, simply check it off on the list. And, believe it or not, glass boards are much easier to clean off than traditional white boards, which you often ended up scrubbing in order to remove the writing.
Each board is framed, giving it a more finished look for your kitchen and can be hung on the wall or displayed in a plate stand. Customize with your favorite dog silhouette (we have more than 90 now!), typeface and preferred grocery staples. Though the Bold Circles and Bandana Dog designs are available in a wide selection of bright colors, we're more than happy to accommodate special color requests to match your kitchen. Hope you like them...more designs to come! Ellen

DEAL OF THE DAY: For a limited time, we're offering our new dry erase boards for just $12.99. 

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