Wednesday, December 1, 2010

25 Days of New Designs...The Challenge Begins

Like most creatives, Mary Ann and I are pretty full of ideas. But, though we can brainstorm with the best of them, many of our ideas seldom see the light of day. Yup, it's that little pitfall called procrastination. Consequently, we both have a slew of half-finished projects in our studios, conveniently shoved out of sight to prevent guilt from setting in. Yesterday, as I looked through my "Designs in Progress" folder, I realized I needed to create a self-imposed deadline. So, with a nod to the Julie & Julia blog/book/film that provided the inspiration for this project, I've decided to create 25 brand new designs for Best Friends Studios in just 25 days. My husband thinks I'm crazy (he's probably right) and Mary Ann has promised to pinch hit with several of her new designs if I get into a bind. Each day, we'll unveil a new design on the blog along with a special deal of the day for our customers. Please follow along to experience "25 Days of New Designs"...we'd love to hear your feedback! Ellen

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