Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: 25 Days of New Designs

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Phew. I have to admit that 25 Days of New Designs really wore me out. It was tough coming up with new ideas in the midst of trying to produce orders for customers during the busy holiday season. While I didn't complete all of my designs in 25 consecutive days as planned, I did finish up the challenge with, not 25, but 50 new designs under my belt! I found that once I'd sit down and start working on one design, other ideas and concepts would start flowing, which is why I ended up with more than 25 new designs. In fact, the exercise was so successful that I may continue challenging myself on a weekly basis to get at least one new design out there.

And now I have a bit of sad news to start the new year. Yesterday, we lost a furry family member. My daughter's guinea pig, Teddy, finally succumbed to cancer. He leaves behind his brother, Rocky, who we hope will be OK without the companionship of his brother. Teddy was gentle little pig and we will miss hearing him squeak when the fridge door opens (parsley & carrot time). The above photo of Teddy and Elena was taken five years ago when Teddy was almost 2 years old. Rest in peace, Teddy. Ellen

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