Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DAY SEVENTEEN: 25 Days of New Designs

DAY SEVENTEEN: Despite my best intentions, I've missed several days 25 Days of New Designs. But as Mary Ann wisely and very kindly pointed out, most days I've created more than one design so I'm actually ahead of the game. An appealing line of reasoning I can latch onto, especially as I scramble to finish up my Christmas shopping! On this 17th Day of my crazy creative pilgrimage, I designed our family's holiday greeting card. The photo is courtesy of Mary Ann and was taken this summer in my garden when things were lush and green! I played a little with the back of the card, adding a paw print above our company name & a tiny photo of our cat (who did not care to participate in our photo shoot last summer). Now if I can just round up everyone's address, I just might get these in the mail before Christmas Eve!

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