Sunday, December 12, 2010

DAY ELEVEN: 25 Days of New Designs

DAY ELEVEN: Whether they're batting a balled up piece of paper around the room or leaping gracefully over the puppy gate á la The Great Escape, cats are amazing to watch in action. My newest creation, debuting for Day 11 of  25 Days of New Designs, is the first in a series of designs showing cats at play. Starring a fluffy cat with paw extended for a quick swipe at a curious mouse, A Cat & Mouse Game can be personalized as a flat note card or mini note pad. Available in six colors: Coal Black, Bright Berry, Tangerine, Baby Blue, Pink Whisper or Citron Lime. More "Cats in Play" to come next week!

DEAL OF THE DAY: It's all about cats…receive 15% OFF any feline-related stationery product through December 15, 2010. Enter DECEMBERCATS at checkout.

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