Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Way To A Dog's Heart...

I have to say that—without a doubt—Mary Ann is the best gift giver around. She always comes up with fun and unique gifts for whatever occasion pops up. So we weren't a bit surprised when the latest gift arrived last week: three boxes of yummy, homemade dog treats from Diva Dog Bakery to welcome our new puppy, Scamp. Made from all natural, FDA approved ingredients, Diva Dog Bakery treats look and smell good enough for us humans to eat. (And I have to confess that my son, Alex, ate one from the fridge before I informed him that they were for the dogs!) So thanks to Kristin at Diva Dog Bakery and Aunt Mare (as my kids refer to her) for such a delicious and thoughtful gift! Ellen, Elena, Scamp & Jasmine

P.S. Kristin also has an Etsy shop at

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