Monday, January 10, 2011

Celebrate National Letter Writing Week

The other day my daughter complained that she never got any "real" mail (you know, the paper kind in a handwritten envelope delivered by your friendly postal carrier). She's right to complain. Due to the electronic conveniences of email, texting, tweeting and Facebook—not to mention our hectic, harried lives—it seems as if no one puts pen to paper these days.

I find the absence of handwritten letters in our lives rather sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating ditching our electronic communication tools, but I do wish more people would take the time to write a physical letter once in awhile. Not only are handwritten letters more personal, they preserve and provide an historical snapshot of our 21st century lives. (When's the last time you saved an email or text from a friend?)

Which is why I was happy to learn about National Letter Writing Week, an unofficial week-long event celebrated from January 9-15, 2011, that promotes writing letters. One blog I read recommended addressing and stamping five envelopes, then writing to one person each day. Letter recipients include friends you've lost contact with, a soldier overseas or someone you love. If your kids are hungry for some "real" mail, try one of these pen pal programs: Amazing Kids! Penpals Program ($10/child); Kids Helping Kids; or Student Letter Exchange ($1.25/child). Above all, have fun with this! Who knows? Letter writing might become your new hobby! Ellen

P.S. In honor of National Letter Writing Week, Best Friends Studios has put all of our note cards on sale.

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