Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ACTION NEEDED Wentzville, MO Alderman Meeting/Ban Retail Sale of Dogs/Cats

Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated! We need these emails in by today!

 Alderman Nick Guccione who is sponsoring the ordinance to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats in Wentzville has let us know that due to some opposition to the ordinance expressed by 2 vets at the meeting a couple of his fellow aldermen have gone from supporting the ordinance to having some doubts. Nick has asked that we send in emails to the mayor and board expressing how much we support this issue and if we can get a lot of emails including some from well-known people (athletes, business owners, civic leaders, etc.) he can use that to convince those "on the fence" to vote yes. 
I am asking you to send an email and forward this to anyone else (including business owners, community leaders, athletes, and so on) who might be willing to help. Nick would like to be able to present these emails to the board at the next meeting,the evening of  WednesdayAugust 25, so please try to get them to him before then. The issue is not on that meeting's agenda so Nick has asked that we send the emails instead of attending the meeting and he will hopefully be able to get the issue on following meeting's agenda.
Please address your emails to "Wentzville Mayor and Board of Aldermen" or something along those lines to show it is meant for all and email to
Mary Ann

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