Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Person: Inside a St. Louis Pit Bull Shelter

The Humane Society of Missouri recently received permanent custody of a large percentage of the dogs and puppies that were rescued last July in the nation's largest dogfighting raid. The above video clip shares a bit of what these poor animals endured. It pretty much broke my heart seeing the "tools of the trade" used by these less than human dog fighting "trainers." The one hopeful aspect of this story is that more than 100 dogs have been placed in foster homes after being successful rehabilitated. Most of these pit bulls had been so badly abused that the rescue groups originally thought only 5-10% could be rehabilitated. Read the full story here or check out the latest updates on the HSMO website. Finally, consider donating to their Animal Cruelty Fund, which helps the HSMO investigate, heal and prevent animal abuse. Ellen

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