Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hope for Paws

A couple of weeks ago I came across a really fun blog called the Bedlam of Beefy.  If you want to smile on this monday morning, please visit him over at his site. Uncle Beefy, the author of this wonderfully quirky and fun blog wrote a story about a group called Hope for Paws. This wonderful couple has created an organization that is helping all kinds of animals find hope. The majority of their rescues are dogs and this is one of those stories:

From Eldad & Audrey Hagar's Flickr page:

"We rescued Bradley from the Shelter last night, and today I took him to a neurologist. The doctor has only sad news for Bradley...

We agreed he should go to sleep and not suffer this severe hydrocephalus. (as you can see, his head is weirdly shaped due to a lot of fluids in his head/brain.) I didn't want to let him go yet, so from the vet I took Bradley to the beach, I sat with him, played with him, and I fed him many cheeseburgers and fried chicken. We sat there for two hours, and after that I took him to the vet's office right on the beach, and he went to sleep forever :-(

It was such a sad day...I cried like a baby for this little guy. Even now when I am typing these words, tears are coming to my eyes..."

If you are interested in reading more about their organization and even possibly helping Eldad & Audrey Hagar continue their rescue and humane work, please go to their website and think about buying their book "Hope for Paws." It's only $9.95 and all of the money goes towards their efforts to care for our animal friends. The book has a 100 pages of full color photos and stories of some of the many rescues that have come into their lives. And I can attest to the fact that the stories will make you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry.

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