Monday, June 8, 2009

Bring A Furry Feline Into Your Life!

Approximately 4 million cats and kittens end up in shelters every year, many never to find a loving family. If you don't have a cat but have been thinking about adopting one (big hint to my dad!), American Humane will give you plenty of great reasons to visit your local animal shelter during its annual Adopt-A-Cat Month ® celebration in June.

From a practical standpoint, cats are clean and independent. They require minimal space and don't need to be housebroken like dogs. Most importantly, they give us companionship, laughter and affection. When my mom had cancer years ago, her little black cat, Emma, spent the day curled up on Mom's lap, no doubt easing at least some her pain. My own cat can often be found stretched out on my drafting table or perched on my scanner while I work in my studio.

Many shelters are offering special promotions for adopting a cat or kitten during June so consider bringing one of these amazing animals into your home! Ellen

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