Monday, January 26, 2009

Dog Biscuit Recalls Due to Tainted Peanut Butter

We have an awesome mail carrier who often leaves a large biscuit in the mailbox for our yellow lab, Jasmine. Luckily for her, these biscuits are Milk-Bones®, which are not involved in the nationwide peanut recall linked to the recent salmonella outbreak. Many other brands of dog treats, however, are being taken off the shelves. In fact, the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) recently advised pet owners to temporarily discontinue using any peanut butter products.

“The ASPCA recommends that pet parents discontinue the use of all affected products immediately until further information has been received,” said Dr. Steven Hansen, the ASPCA’s Senior Vice President of Animal Health Services. “Pet parents should wash their hands after handling any potentially contaminated food and immediately consult with a veterinarian if any signs or symptoms are noticed in their pets.”

Though healthy dogs are generally resistant to the salmonella bacteria, puppies and older pets with health problems may become ill. In addition, the bacteria can be passed between pets and humans.

Brands that have been recalled include Grreat Choice (sold at Petsmart) and Happy Tails. For a complete list, visit the FDA's recall page. Check often as stores and manufacturers are recalling more products each day. Better safe than sorry! Ellen

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