Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Toy for Our Website...New Font Previewer

I have a confession to make...I'm a font junkie. For me, the right typeface makes all the difference, which may explain why I've acquired hundreds of fonts throughout my years as a graphic designer. When we started Best Friends Studios last year, I realized that I regrettably could not offer all of my fonts as choices for personalizing stationery...too many options can make your head spin! But even with a carefully honed list of 30 or so very cool typefaces, customers still have trouble envisioning the final product. So I'm excited to introduce a new tool developed by brother's company—LCM Research—that allows customers to see what their names will look like in each of the fonts we offer. Our Font Previewer is easy to use and makes ordering your personalized dog stationery even more fun. Try it out! Ellen

1 comment:

  1. Full credit for this goes to Tim Layton, world traveler, ex-intern and now occasional contractor for LCM Research. Tim is a good example of the Student surpassing the Teacher!

    (We just updated the font previewer so it loads a bit faster as well).

    Larry M.