Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BestFriendsStudios on Rachael Ray today!

Some of you may know that one of my pillows is being featured on the Rachael Ray Show today (visit her site to see video clip). She has been beyond kind to me and in honor of her generosity, I'd like to spread the love a little bit myself. Throughout this past year I've met some amazing artists through places like Etsy, Blogs, and even Flickr. For people like me who work out of their homes, the world wide web is a link to living breathing people and an escape from the isolation that 4 walls and our jobs can create sometimes.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some of those artists.
First and foremost, my pal and webmate, Ellen, whose stationery is just what every dog lover needs.

Then there is Kelly from GoneDoggie who makes dog-inspired tote bags and really fun collars for our furry friends.

Kari from Mod-Dog who makes the coolest custom necklaces featuring your bestfriend! She also creates modern dog and cat prints which are perfect for those looking for a little decoration for their homes.

Moira over at Dog Art Today has an amazing blog that discusses all things dog art related. She also creates awesome custom dog collages and really cool dog-related gifts.

And these are a few of my Etsy friends who make things for us human types! LookForFiddleheads





Yes, I am crazy about hats!

Mary Ann


  1. Thank You for the mention of my collars. Have lots of new patterns for the new year.
    Gotta Love Dogs.....

  2. I saw your pillow on there this morning!! It is beautiful. I also love Kelly's dog collars.

  3. Nice blog! and Congrats on being featured on Rachael Ray! Etsy has such fabulous and talented artists!

  4. nice wedding site. Good ideas for wedding vows, maybe I can incorporate some of these into a wedding speech too?