Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yorba Linda Fires

I thought I'd blog about our weekend here in Yorba Linda. We had awful fires in this area. It all started Saturday morning and by dinner time we were mandatorily evacuated. I always wondered how they go about doing that. Well, at least 10 police cars came parading down the street telling us we had to get out over their speaker system. It was all so surreal. Earlier in the day my neighbor's mother was evacuated from Anaheim Hills so she started getting some things together in case we would need to do the same. So following her lead, I began packing a few things up, not really expecting that we would have to leave. The fire seemed too far away at that time. But as the day wore on it became darker and smokier and after my husband made me go for a drive down the street to see just how close the fires had come, I frantically began getting all my most important work supplies and products ready to go. It's funny, but I didn't even pack any clothes to speak of. I was completely obsessed with my ornaments and stockings and fabrics, not to mentioned the custom orders that I am working on! Then shortly after that, the police determined we had to go. Fortunately for us, our neighborhood was spared. They made an all-out assault on the burning hills Sat. night and all day Sun. and were able to stop the burning. My heart goes out to all those people who did lose their homes, especially our neighbors up in LA, Sylmar area. I'm sharing some photos I took. The first pic was taken from my backyard around noon on Sat. Yesterday I finally got out and took a drive to see what things look like now and took a couple of pics. I took a shot of those hills from the street in front of our house. Because of all the smoke, we had no idea just how close it was. When the Santa Ana winds pick up, a fire that far away can travel faster than you can imagine. So thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful firefighters who knocked that wild fire out!

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