Monday, November 10, 2008

Cool Cat House

I ran across this ultra-cool cat house the other day while googling cat beds. You see, my cat has suddenly developed bed issues and wants nothing to do with either of his cozy cat beds. Instead, he prefers to flop down on my legs or chest. It's putting quite a cramp in my pursuit of achieving a good night's sleep!

So when I saw Leo Kempf's custom-built abode for his cat, Olive, I had to share. Apparently, the cat enters through a door in the bottom side, then climbs a ramp to the upper level. The house features a cardboard scratching post, plexi-glass front wall and an old sheepkskin rug. Leo’s wife even made small paintings to hang on the walls! Hmmm...wonder if my hubbie would tackle a project like that for our cat. Ellen

Photo Leo Kempf Design (check out other photos of his cat house on his site)


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