Monday, August 18, 2008

A Biased Review: Walking the Dog Tote

Occasionally, I do a little website work for Mary Ann's side of the studio. This inevitably opens up a can of worms because she'll insist on paying me. Since we're in Best Friends Studios together, this makes me uncomfortable, though I do understand (and appreciate!) that she doesn't want to take advantage of me. Plus, I'm constantly sending her dog silhouettes to review like the new Shih tzu I did the other day that looked like a deranged chicken on its first go around. So I like think that things have a way of evening themselves out.

But when I helped her revamp her studio pages last month, I have to confess an ulterior motive. I wanted a new purse and had fallen in love with her new Walking the Dog Tote design. Well, the purse arrived last week, exceeding my expectations. I absolutely love it! (I know, I'm biased and all that, but my St. Louis friends raved about it, too.) So check out Mary Ann's new line of handbags on our website! Ellen

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