Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gardening with Your Cat

We've had a rough winter here in St. Louis so it was great to get out in the garden this past week to give the beds a much-needed clean-up. And I wasn't the only happy camper about the warm weather. Kit Kat, my black and white tomcat, joined me for hours of pouncing and stalking the dead foliage I was trying to remove. He especially liked the emerging catmint (Nepata mussinnii 'Walkers Low) and rolled luxuriantly in it.

So I got to thinking, what other cat-friendly plants could I add to my garden this year? Must be a timely topic because I just received the latest edition of P. Allen Smith's gardening newsletter, which featured an article written by his cat, detailing her favorite plants. Check it out on the P. Allen Smith Website. Ellen

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